i bought this skull for a cosplay and


Getting bad again for no reason after you’ve been so happy for a long time is literally one of the worst feelings ever

New video! I made it short and sweet. This shirt is easy to do! :)




Coloring coloring books into a whole new level.

Art on the right by:
Coloring book pages belong to Disney.

Aw, thanks for the plug!

My jaw dropped


Louisiana-based photographer Frank Relle captures the nighttime magic of New Orleans in his ongoing series New Orleans Nightscapes. He uses long exposures to capture the feeling of the powerful, haunting beauty throughout his hometown.


If I dont respond to your insult it means what i wanted to say was too mean and I decided to let you live


donkey kong get your stupid fucking ape hands off of me touching bananas and shit goddamn i hate you so much i cant even eat you because i get the fucking power of looking like a fucking onion fuck you donkey kong


no offense but what the fuck am i doing



Who am I kidding? I’m never going to stop…

I need rehab 


This is when you realize how many songs this movie has O.O

I think I don’t have an excuse, I just wanted to draw these ‘-‘